Cleaning Aircond 

is necessary to improve the air quality in your premise. Most allergies at home can be traced back to dirty aircon filters. This service suits both house aircons and commercial units, as it applies to wall and cassette/ceiling units. This service includes cleaning of the faceplate, filter net, middle frame, outer part, louver and other parts of the aircon, as well as gas refill and checking of gas coolant.

  • Faceplate / Cover cleaning
  • Filter Net Cleaning
  • Middle Frame Cleaning
  • Outlet Part Cleaning
  • Louver Cleaning
  • Evaporator Surface Cleaning
  • Fan Blower Cleaning
  • Base Cleaning
  • Gas Coolant Checking
  • Gas Refill (R22 Gas up to 20psi)
  • 30-day Workmanship Warranty

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